SAIPA, founded in 1966, is one of the Iranian car manufacturer which produces a full range of vehicles; namely, passenger cars, pick-ups, 4WDs, light & heavy commercial vehicles, minibuses and buses. SAIPA holding consists of over 100 subsidiaries & affiliates, out of which are 4 vehicle manufacturing companies namely SAIPA, Zamyad, Pars Khodro and SAIPA Diesel.SAIPA products are SAIPA 131, SAIPA 132, SAIPA 141 that is a face lift and lift back model of SAIPA 131, SAIPA 111which is a hatch back model of SAIPA 132 modified by SAIPA R&D center.SAIPA Kashan, SAIPA’s new car factory which is the largest plant in Middle East was inaugurated in 2008.SAIPA has exported her products in the form of C.B.U. and C.K.D. to other markets namely Syria, Iraq, Algeria, Egypt, Sudan, Venezuela, Pakistan, Cameroon, Ghana, Senegal, and Azerbaijan. SAIPA has launched her production line in Venezuela, Syria and Iraq to take benefit of local and regional advantages.